May 17
Apr 24
Apr 03

The importance of scientific communication and dissemination

The dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Dr. Francisco Guillermo Díaz, welcomes the event framed within the Life Superbiodiesel project, which took place in the facilities of the University of Murcia, named “Supercritical applications in the optimization of environmentally efficient industrial processes”. This presentation highlights the importance of science and... read more →
Mar 15

Supercritical processes to environmental service in other industrial processes.

Supercritical technologies through formed heterogeneous catalysts have significantly improved the environmental and efficiency indicators in collecting an eco-efficient biodiesel and biostimulants with improved performance. In addition, they could contribute to the improvement of the environmental performance in other industrial processes. As a result, in the open house event that took... read more →
Jan 31

Scientific paper on wastewater and animal by-products valorisation for application as biostimulant in agriculture

A scientific paper related to the Life Superbiodiesel project was approved this month, named “Protein recovery of wastewater and animal by-products from the rendering and tanning industries for application as biostimulant in agriculture.” This paper brings innovative technological solutions for biostimulant extraction in regenerative agriculture, a highly topical field due... read more →
Nov 18
Sep 18
Jul 13

Scientific articles on the animal waste valorisation from flesh waste

A scientific article related to the Life Superbiodiesel project was published in July under the title “Bioprocess to valorise fleshing produced in the tanning industry”. The study focuses on the circular bioeconomy, as a system to promote the sustainability of natural resources, with the priority objective of preserving the environment... read more →
May 25
Apr 10