Mar 15

Supercritical processes to environmental service in other industrial processes.

Supercritical technologies through formed heterogeneous catalysts have significantly improved the environmental and efficiency indicators in collecting an eco-efficient biodiesel and biostimulants with improved performance. In addition, they could contribute to the improvement of the environmental performance in other industrial processes.

As a result, in the open house event that took place in the University of Murcia on the 20th of February, this development was validated, and its potential application in other industrial processes was compared.

Therefore, after a keynote presentation on communication and dissemination of scientific knowledge by the Vice-Rector of the University, firstly, these technologies applied to biodiesel production were presented and the attained environmental performances were shown, to serve as a starting point for valuing their contribution to eco-efficient processes.

After that, other success stories on circularity and industrial symbiosis for by-product reutilization and alternative valorization processes were presented, in order to know and get comparative data with other actions.

Finally, a round table took place in which all examined areas were compared and the implementation roadmap of these technologies in new applications was stablished.

The conclusions allowed the validation of the effective and efficient improvement of environmental indicators with these technologies.

The event ended with the presentation of video of the pilot plant developed, which is included in this website.

Life Superbiodiesel, supercritical applications in environmentally efficient processes.