Apr 03

The importance of scientific communication and dissemination

The dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Dr. Francisco Guillermo Díaz, welcomes the event framed within the Life Superbiodiesel project, which took place in the facilities of the University of Murcia, named “Supercritical applications in the optimization of environmentally efficient industrial processes”. This presentation highlights the importance of science and scientific dissemination. It stresses that the university must collaborate with businesses and organisations to bring the knowledge to the community. After that, the vice-rector of scientific transfer and communication of the University of Murcia, Dr. José Manuel López Nicolás, addresses the importance of scientific communication and dissemination. He stresses the need of fostering a society based on knowledge, fighting pseudoscience, and promoting critical thinking. Furthermore, he emphasizes that scientific dissemination contributes to enhance the social prestige of the scientific profession and to attract funding. Finally, he thanks everyone present for their attendance.

This presentation is held in Spanish and can be seen in this video.