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LIFE Superbiodiesel project has passed the sustainability assessment test by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros y Minas (ETSIME)

Life Superbiodiesel project was one of the leading actors in the event “Generación de Recursos Energéticos y Movilidad sostenible” (Sustainable Mobility and Energy Resources Generation) organised by ETSIME in the framework of the ”Jornadas de Otoño” (Autumn Workshops), hosted by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid as a networking and meeting point... read more →
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The Life Superbiodiesel project could overcome the current Standards

In non-COVID times, the most usual situation is that the monitor of a Life project visits the facilities of the project coordinator. During this pandemic situation, nevertheless, the visit requires becoming virtual. Therefore, after almost 9 months of the Life Superbiodiesel project execution, the virtual visit of the NEEMO´s external... read more →