May 25

Process to obtain eco-efficient, sustainable and ecological biodiesel for the production of heat and energy

Biodiesel is mainly used in Spain as an automotive fuel. However, it has multiple uses with different regulatory requirements.

However, can the biodiesel obtained in Life Superbiodiesel have other uses, and which are the market applications of the project’s developments?

An analysis of other market applications has been carried out, not only for biodiesel, but also for all the developments obtained in the framework of the project.

To this purpose, it has been established that, in addition to the automotive sector, biodiesel can be used in the production of heat and energy.

Furthermore, the development of an environmentally more efficient production technique can be used for other raw materials from various waste materials, such as vegetable oils and other types of animal fats.

Finally, the leftover protein fraction can be used to produce improved biostimulants that enhance plant growth with lower concentrations of the compound.

The biodiesel obtained from animal waste, which does not affect the price of food, has great potential to exceed the applicable standard and supply 650,000 vehicles in Europe.

Life Superbiodiesel, your biodiesel for the decarbonisation of the energy sector and the achievement of net zero emissions.


Perspectiva planta piloto Biodiesel

Life Superbiodiesel Pilot Plant