Nov 21

‘Life Superbiodiesel’ project is presented at ‘Future of Biofuels’ event

Europe is facing decarbonisation at a time when the battle to achieve independence from fossil fuel energy sources is intensifying. In this respect, the “Future of Biofuels 2022” conference offered an ideal environment to discuss the key components that will underpin the transition to green energy. For this purpose, it brought together industry stakeholders with unique content, workshops and networking in a business-friendly environment.

Within this framework, the Life Superbiodiesel project was presented, highlighting the challenges the project addresses, the advantages of using supercritical conditions and the significant environmental benefits it brings, as well as the progress made in the project and the results achieved so far.

Thus, the LIFE Superbiodiesel project demonstrated its contribution to the European energy transition and the possibility of replicating and transferring this technology to other types of feedstock, such as used vegetable cooking oils.