Mar 15

QUO Magazine refers to the Life Superbiodiesel as an innovative project to mitigate climate change

Climate change may be one of the biggest challenges the chemical industry faces today.  QUO magazine states in its special on Chemistry (ES) that this project can become an opportunity.
Decarbonization of the global economy involves multiple actors. An area of ​​great interest that can be influenced is the energy and transport one. In this area, the Life Superbiodiesel project is mentioned as one of the reference actions by the magazine itself, since it seeks to validate a technology capable of producing biofuel using residual raw material coming from another industry.
It is therefore a source of pride to work on this project that can contribute to take advantage of the current situation to facilitate this necessary change and facilitate the transition towards circular and more energy-efficient production models,  with a lower carbon footprint.

Quo Magazine – Chemical Special (ES)