May 17

Life Superbiodiesel: Supercritical applications in obtaining biodiesel from SANDACH waste

Dr. Joaquín Quesada, professor at the University of Murcia, presents on the biodiesel obtainment process with research work in supercritical applications. He highlights the use of raw materials of low quality and price. He describes the benefits of this process in terms of versatility and lower refining of the raw material. He acknowledges the challenges in biomass logistics and transportation. He also details how the supercritical process allows the treatment of any kind of oil or fat, which expands the market for raw materials. Furthermore, he discusses the economic and political aspects related to the industrial implementation of this process. He explains that the supercritical process allows the improvement of the quality of the biofuel by incorporating the fat fraction into the final product.

The presentation can be seen, in Spanish, in the following link: