Jul 29

Progress of the LIFE Superbiodiesel project set in the 3rd General Assembly

The 3rd General Assembly of the Life Superbiodiesel project was held in June 2021. At this meeting, the progress in the project execution for the obtaining of alternative and sustainable biofuels from animal waste was determined.
On the one hand, it is worth highlighting the fine-tuning of the enzymatic process to obtain amino acids from the protein phase of the raw material, by optimizing the main parameters of the project, such as enzyme load, temperature and reaction time.
On the other hand, AIJU has focused in the design of the supercritical reactor and the manufacturing of catalysts shaped as monoliths by selective laser sintering (SLS). The first synthesis tests of (super)biodiesel have been carried out using this type of catalysers, with the objective of assessing its performance and stability with the fat raw material used within this project.
Finally, all the equipment and elements required for the construction of the demonstrative pilot plant will be acquired during July.