May 24

The Life Superbiodiesel project could overcome the current Standards

In non-COVID times, the most usual situation is that the monitor of a Life project visits the facilities of the project coordinator. During this pandemic situation, nevertheless, the visit requires becoming virtual. Therefore, after almost 9 months of the Life Superbiodiesel project execution, the virtual visit of the NEEMO´s external Monitor was held. In addition, it is expected in the future, a visit from the Project Advisor of EASME (potentially face-to-face) in order to visit the large-scale pilot plant.

The external Monitor stated the relevance of socioeconomic and environmental KPIs, as well as the observing of other parameters of importance for the project execution, in order to check that it follows the marked structure.

Another important fact is the reproducibility of the results at large scale. The importance of those close-to-market projects is such, that the implementation of the outputs is necessary. Therefore, the pilot plant for the production of advanced biodiesel and bio-stimulants from animal by-products needs to be estimated for a large-scale production and potentially be replicated for mass production scale. The aimed pilot plant would produce around 5 tonnes per year of biodiesel, and 4 tonnes per year of free amino acids. In this regard, all the parameters for the reproducibility of the process are being considered.

Policy impact and the way the project contributes to its needs will be also analysed. This project outputs, will potentially overpass the standard EN14214, as it is foreseen that the content in glycerine improves the properties of this biodiesel on regard the existing one. Consequently, this could highly contribute to the enforcement of new standards as a requirement for the new generated biodiesels.